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Titanium alloys provide high strength-to-weight ratio and outstanding resistance to corrosion in the harshest working environments. Titanium Grades 2 and Grade 1 are highly corrosion resistant. With half the density of nickel alloys, stainless alloys and duplex / super duplex alloys, titanium offers a significant cost to weight ratio for key applications in markets which include : Aerospace, Oil & Gas, FPSO production vessels (floating production storage and offloading vessels), Power Generation, Desalination, Chemical Process, Bio-Medical, Motor Sport, Sports Equipment and many other markets where material performance is critical. Titanium Grade 5 would be commonly found in Oil & Gas Industries whereas Titanium Grade 9 can be found in Aerospace.

Titanium Grade 1 R50250B265 / B338 / B3483.70259046T-35
Titanium Grade 24902 / 4941 / 4942R50400B265 / B338 / B3483.7035 / 3.70349046 / 9047T40
Titanium Grade 54911 / 4920 / 4928R56400B265 / B338 / B3483.7164 / 3.71659046 / 9047T-A6V
Titanium Grade 7 R52400B265   
Titanium Grade 94943 / 4944 / 4945R56320B265   


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