Stainless & Maraging Steels

Stainless steels are high-alloy steels with good corrosion resistance due to the presence of large amounts of chromium in these steels. Most of the stainless steels, such as SS 416, SS 403CB and SS 420, contain about 10% of chromium. Stainless steels are available in three different groups based on their crystalline structure. These groups include martensitic, austenitic and ferritic. Stainless Steels such as SS 410 and SS 403 are examples of the martensitic group and 405 is an example of the ferritic group. The combination of martensitic and ferritic steels forms a fourth group of stainless steels known as precipitation-hardened steels which include 15-5 PH and 17-4 PH.
Maraging steel is a very high strength iron base, molybdenum, cobalt and nickel alloy.

MMC hold a range of Flat and Round bar Specifications as you can see below:

SS 4035613S40300A276 / A479 40310705BA
SS 403CB S40300A276 / A479 403EMS-S-034
SS 403CB+ S40300A276 / A479 403B50A365B
SS 405 S40500A276 / A479 405DE12-0621
SS 4105504 / 5505S41000A276 / A4791.4006410 
SS 4165610S41600ASTM A5821.4005416CM4265
SS 4205621S42000ASTM A2761.4021420X20Cr13
SS 4225655S42200A5651.493542210705BU
Custom 4505773S45000A564 / A693  XM-25
Custom 4555617S45500A564 / A693   
Custom 4655936S46500A564 / A693   
17-4PH5622 / 5643S17400A564 63010705GU-GV
15-5PH5659S15500A564  XM-12
PH13-8MO5629S13800A564  XM-13
Jethete M1525718 / 5719S64152 1.4939 BS S151 / S159
X22CrNiMoV12-1   1.4923X22TLV 9248 06
X19CrMoNbVN11-1   1.4913X19316L
X5CrNiCuNb16-4   1.4542X5TLV 9239 01


Maraging 2506501 / 6512K92890 1.6358 BS S162 / Mil-s-46850
Maraging 3006512 / 6521K93129 1.6354 Mil-s-46580
Maraging 3506515K93120 1.6356 Mil-s-46580

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